Your written communications are a window to your business.

In today’s fast-paced world, first impressions count and any small mistakes or unidiomatic expressions are immediately off-putting. You can choose from a range of services to ensure your written English communications are up to scratch and to help you attract and retain clients.


Your words translated into effective, engaging English

High-quality, clear and idiomatic translations from German into effective, engaging English targeted to your audience. Translation is about far more than replacing one word with another. I draw on my linguistic skills, years of experience and cultural understanding to rewrite your words into natural English which reflects the intention and meaning of your original.


Two heads are better than one

A line-by-line comparison of an existing English translation against its German original to ensure accuracy and fluency. After correcting any errors and tidying up any clumsy phrasing, I re-read the English document to ensure it works well as a standalone text and doesn’t sound like a translation.

Monolingual editing

For texts which are accurate, clear and fit for purpose

Careful editing of your English text to check for spelling and grammar errors, fluency, consistency and style. I use my eye for detail to correct, polish and tweak your text so that it clearly communicates your message and hits the right tone for your target audience.


Stop pesky mistakes from slipping through the net

Checking of edited text in its final layout to iron out any spelling, grammar, numbering and formatting errors and to eliminate inconsistencies. I read your text with a fine-tooth comb to prepare it for final publication.

Please get in touch if you would like to find out more about how I can help.

How I work

Translation is a collaborative process

Project specification and quote

I examine your document(s), ask you about your project’s requirements and send you a quote. At this stage, it is helpful if you can provide me with the purpose of your document(s), your target audience, which variant of English you require (British or American English) and any in-house style guides, glossaries or reference materials you want me to use.

Project preparation

I begin by carefully reviewing any reference files you’ve sent me, researching the topic area and gaining an understanding of your business and sector by looking at your website and any other relevant information available online.


I set about translating your content, meticulously researching every term and concept as I go. After completing the first draft, I let it rest before checking and editing it with fresh eyes. I use translation software to ensure all your terminology and any repetitions are translated consistently. As I work on your project, I will ask pertinent questions if anything is unclear or ambiguous. And I will flag up any errors or inconsistencies I spot in your original copy. It’s all part of the service!

Revision by a second professional translator

Two pairs of eyes are better than one. Unless agreed otherwise, the price I quote includes revision by an experienced, trusted colleague, who checks that everything is as it should be.

Quality control

Once I receive the translation back from my reviser, I review their changes and give the document a final read through. I then perform quality control checks for spelling, punctuation, numbers and formatting.


I deliver the translation by the agreed deadline. I am always happy to answer any questions you may have and welcome any feedback. As we continue to work together, I look forward to developing a close, trusting relationship with you.

What my clients say…

Contact me to discuss your requirements or visit my FAQ page to find the answers to some commonly asked questions.


Charlotte Marston MA BA (Hons) MITI
German to English Translator and Proofreader

Phone: +44 7721 036024